People (employee’s) forget that everyone has a customer service job. We all deal with others and (I) represent the company no matter my position. For example working in IT rather it be a Computer Specialist or the COO all deal with other employee’s (your customer) and how you represent yourself not only represent the company but it is a reflection on your professionalism and how you have been trained. Your customer service is your job and you should treat your customer with respect no matter the situation, but also being the customer still does not except you from being professional and treating people with respect.

For being a supervisor I have been taught some valuable lesson either in a class room setting or hard Knox. Here are some examples:

  1. Praise in public discipline in private.
  2. Get both sides of the story & then there’s the truth.
  3. Stay calm.
  4. Positive reinforcement.
  5. Criticizing someone’s work or thinking can be beneficial. WHEN DONE CORRECTLY!

And I am sure there are many more for different circumstances but these are one’s that stand out. I have seen many supervisor fail in these areas and I have done my failure that is usually how I learned it. Now having said this you may be thinking why is he even giving these example? Well the truth is look at each one and you tell me where you think you should use it in your daily dealing with your customers or your subordinates.

In an actual customer facing business like fast food, restaurant, Grocery stores etc. I have noticed that the employees have forgotten that the customer is why they have that job and not that the customer should be thankful for the employee to do their job and take our order. These are places I leave and will not give my hard earned money to or I will not go back and my word of mouth is mightier than this employee thinks. Take a stand and don’t give them our business for a loss of revenue a company will pay attention to and Management will stop failing the employee and begin to properly train or discipline to correct this problem.

No matter who you are, how you may start a conversation or how you treat someone will impact that person and/or your day. Just remember it is actually harder to be negative impact on someone then it is to show a little kindness (RESPECT). Again just a little thought from me to you!